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Can berit mila take place on Shabbat or on a holiday? Because the mitzvah of welcoming a baby into the covenant with God on the 8th day is considered so important, the berit mila may take place on Shabbat or holidays, including Yom Kippur.  This includes babies who are born by medically indicated cesarean sections.  In the case of elective cesarean sections, the bris is typically delayed until after Shabbat or holiday.

Can berit mila be before the 8th day?No.  Peforming a berit milah before the 8th day does not fulfill the mitzvah. It is not done.

Can the ceremony be delayed and done at a later date?If the health of the child is in question, then the ceremony must be delayed until the baby is healthy enough for it to be performed safely, at which time, will still be regarded as fulfilling the mitzvah. It is Jewish law that the child's health is considered prior to performing the berit mila.  Although there are times when a family may wish to delay the ceremony for reasons other that the child's health, such as when friends and family are traveling from out of town - this is discouraged. 

What if one parent is not Jewish?In Reform Judaism a child may be considered Jewish if either parent is Jewish - not just the mother.  Therefore, no change in ceremony is required.  For Conservative Jews, the rules are different.  If the mother is not Jewish, then a B'rit Milah "for the purpose of conversion" can be done.  



Dr. Janet Lefkowitz  - Certified Mohelet

When should I call?Please call anytime.  Although some Mohalim will not discuss a Berit Milah until a baby is born, you are welcome to call prior to the delivery with any questions.  After the baby is born, please call as soon as possible - during daytime or early evening hours.

How can I reach Dr. Lefkowitz?
Information on how to reach Dr. Lefkowitz can be found on the contact mepage.

When will the berit mila or berit bat take place?Berit mila takes place on the 8th day after the baby's birth.  The day the baby is born counts as day number one. This means that the berit mila will take place on the same day of the week as the baby was born - the next week.  However, a baby born after sundown is considered to have been born the next day - thus,the ceremony is delayed by one day.  The timing for berit bat offersmore flexibility.   It is traditional for both ceremonies to take place in the morning, at the beginning of the 8th day, however it may be possible to adjust the time of the ceremony on the 8th day.

What are the fees associated with a Berit Bat/Berit Mila?Fees for circumcision (for boys), the ceremony and travel can be discussed by calling Dr. Lefkowitz directly. The fees do vary based on distance to the ceremony. Dr. Lefkowitz donates a portion of her fee to Jewish organizations.